About Sat Kaival Saheb

Sat Kaival Saheb Community created a website to provide information to our community and become connection hub. We think that we share our thought through this website. When this website has started to grow, this include huge information about the people of who believe and interested in the word Sat Kaival Shaheb, temple news, local news, events, assistance information, town history, online shared database for our prayers, information on the rebuilding activities and links to other important websites.

Our community is world wide, based on Kaival Gyan sampradya. Which is located in Sarsa, India. We all member believe that The "Pragatya" of Paramguru Karunasagar Maharajshri is infinity and absolute and descends to earth form time to time to vanquish the evil as a personality of Kuveracharya. At present we have saptam Kuveracharya Acharaya Shree Avichaldasji Maharaj.

The website also includes a link to the Sat Kaival Saheb blog which community members have used to communicate with one another. Our Site has links to other photo sharing sites including and can be share images, videos, bhajans and prayers.

All members received monthly email and access to edit contact details. Also use event calendar for current event or any occasion like ( shravan month start and ending date).
Also leave comment or any kind of images or presentation.


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